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2021 Skincare Gift Guide for Him or Her

2021 Skincare Gift Guide for Him or Her - Body Clinic Skincare

Let's face it - gifting is sometimes hard. Often, we don't know what our significant other will like or want. Spending hours at the mall or online shopping, looping in circles, is often stressful. So, we have a solution - SKINCARE! 

Now, you maybe saying "Well my husband doesn't need skincare. His skin is just fine". But skincare is not just about fixing your skin, its also a form of self care and appreciation for your body, which nowadays I think everyone needs a little bit of (especially me). Plus, implementing a professional skincare routine can have amazing anti-aging benefits in the long run. 

For this year, i have hand picked my favourite starter skincare products that I believe everyone should have in their skincare routine (and would make amazing gifts for any holiday). Even better? You don't have to worry about choosing the wrong thing because everything on this list uses medical-grade ingredients that will leave the skin looking fabulous (and if you want to treat yourself, we promise we won't tell). 


Valentines Days, anniversaries, or birthdays!

First item I am adding to the 2021 gift guide is the At-Home Facial Kit.  This kit really has it all and is a great gift for anyone that wants to start taking their skincare routine more seriously. It includes products from the Medical-grade skincare line SkinCeuticals (which if you know me then you know I really do swear by). In this kit you will get a cleanser, exfoliant, and a masque. These products can be used together to provide you with a "facial experience" or one can implement them on their own in their everyday skincare routine.

Next item I'm choosing is the All Eyes On You Kit by Patchology. If you're familiar with Patchology then you know their masks literally have the cutest packaging ever, but on top of that they really do work. This kit comes with 6 eye masks, so you and our significant other can have a skincare date while cuddled up binge watching Netflix. So cute!

The next two items that I think would be fantastic to pair together are Living Libations Best Skin Ever Seabuckthorn Oil and Rose Glow Serum. Anything from Living Libations is perfect for anyone who loves natural goodies. But these two products together are seriously amazing and will leave your face smelling like heaven. 

So here it is - the ULTIMATE 2021 Gift Guide for Valentines Days, anniversaries, or birthdays. Skincare is perfect for any occasion and would be a perfect treat for anyone who needs some extra self-care in their life.  

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