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Venus Versa Body Contouring


At the Body Clinic in Mississauga, Venus Versa™ technology is used for skin body contouring tightening. It is a non-invasive treatment that uses Multi-Polar Radio Frequency & Pulsed Electromagnetic Fields to safely firm & tighten skin in common problem areas such as the arms, abdomen, and upper thighs – giving a smoother, slimmer silhouette, treatments use heat to naturally boost collagen production below the surface, which improves the appearance of the skin.

Is it safe for all skin types?

It can tighen arms, abs, neck, chest, face and legs. It will contour for a tigher appearance. You will notice a reduction in fat deposits responsible for bra buldge. A decrease in fat pockets in the legs and abdonmen. Great option for tighening skin after child birth and reducing cellulite.

Is Venus Versa body contouring tightening with RF painful?

No, Venus Versa body treatments are pain-free relaxing, comfortable, and with no downtime.

What To Expect with Venus Versa Body Contouring?

Most patients receive 8-10 body contouring treatments per area, with each session lasting around 30 minutes. Treatments are usually done once a week.

What does Venus Versa Body contouring tightening address?

Neck: tighten skin


Arms: contour the arms for a tighter appearance


Chest: reduce fat deposits responsible for bra bulge formation


Abdomen: reduce fat pockets & tighten skin after weight loss or childbirth


Legs: reduce thigh circumference, tighten skin, and reduce cellulite.




Venus Versa Body Contouring Cost $100 per area eg. abdomen

Package of 6 Venus Versa Body Contouring cost is $500