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PCA Skin Brightening Treatment


PCA Skin Brightening Treatment

This skin treatment is our newest facial that combines gentle, yet powerful enzymatic and AHA exfoliants for immediate skin brightening, anti-aging and anti-inflammatory benefits. The result after receiving this treatment is instantly stronger, healthy-looking skin with a noticeable glow. It pairs well with dermaplaning.


Price: $120

Skin Type

Ideal for all skin types! You will see brighter & radiant skin with no downtime of a peel! This treatment is 60 minutes and you will leave with a noticeable difference in your skin!


Improves and strengthens skin texture while delivering gentle skin smoothing benefits. It reduces discolouration and deeply purifies pores while immediately brightens the skin and gives radiance and glow.

Skin Concerns

Adresses discolouration, aging, and acne. Minimizers the apperance of fine lines and wrinkles