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Laser Hair Removal

The Body Clinic Day Spa offers Light Sheer Laser diode hair removal for MEN and WOMEN with a free consultation which includes free test patch.
LASER technology (light amplification stimulated by emission of radiation)
In February 1998 LightSheer was approved by Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for permanent hair reduction.
What Skin Type are You?
Fitzpatrick Skin type and description.
I – extremely fair skin always burns never tans.
II – fair skin always burns sometimes tans.
III – medium skin sometimes burns always tans.
IV – olive skin rarely burns always tans.
V – moderated pigmentation brown skin never burs always tans.
VI – markedly pigmentation black skin never burns always tans.
Why Does Your Skin Type Matter?
Client FITZPATRICK selection plays important part for effective use with Laser Hair Removal. Hair color and skin type are the two most important factors of successful treatments. Skin type 1-3 requires usually requires 6 treatments. Skin type 4-6 requires 10 treatments. Individual results may vary. Because hair grows in cycles repeated treatments are necessary to destroy the hair follicles. Clients planning laser hair removal are advised to avoid tanning (sun or tanning beds) for up to 6 weeks prior to laser treatments.
When Can I Expect Results?
Lasers Hair removal in the under arm and bikini area generally respond better than chin or back. About 10% to 25% hair reduction in hair growth can be expanded with each treatment. Treatments must be repeated every four to eight weeks depending on body area; 4 for face and 8 for body. They’re is NO benefit of a earlier treatment. We advice clients to avoid sun exposure and use SPF 30. Some normal side effects may occur after which include discomfort, swelling, redness, and itching that lasts one to three days. Other possible side effects include blistering, herpes simplex outbreaks, and temporary skin lighting or darkening ( especially clients with skin of color).
Topical anesthetic cream could be used on areas such as bikini.
Women Price Package of 5+1 for Free Men Price Package of 5+1 for Free
Upper Lip $69 $345 Cheeks $69 $345
Chin $69 $345 Full Back $299 $1495
Sideburns $69 $345 Full Neck $129 $645
Lip & Chin $119 $595 Lower Back $149 $745
Nipple Area $69 $345 Upper Arms $159 $795
Under Arms $69 $345 Under Arms $69 $345
Stomach $99 $495 Full Arms $299 $1495
Full Arms $299 $1495 Chest $169 $845
Full Back $299 $1495 Abdomen $149 $745
Fingers & Hands $69 $345 Shoulders $119 $595
Lower Leg $219 $1095 Upper Arms $159 $795
Upper Leg $279 $1395 Hands & Fingers $69 $345
Bikini $119 $595 Upper Legs $279 $1395
Brazilian $159 $795 Lower Legs $219 $1095
Bum Cheeks $199 $995 Speedo Line $119 $595
Feet & Toes $69 $345 Bum Cheeks $199 $995
Lower Leg & Bikini $299 $1495 Full Body $999 $4995
Full Body $999