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SkinCeuticals Advanced Sili- Gel

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SkinCeuticals Advanced Sili- Gel
Advanced Sili- Gel 50ml


SkinCeuticals Advanced Sili- Gel is uniquely formulated to improve the appearance of color and texture of new and recent scars. Formulated with a 95% silicone base combined with complementary soothing ingredients, this invisible, non-sticky treatment delivers long-lasting protective technology clinically proven to improve scar’s overall appearance, reduce visible redness, soften and smooth scar texture and reduce the intensity of scar discoloration.


Advanced Sili-Gel ingredients:

  • 95% Silicone- quick drying, smooth, non-tacky feel.
    • Provides occlusive barrier to maintain hydration within the stratum corneum to down-regulate keratinocyte stimulation
  • 0.5% Allantoin- acts as an effective skin protectant
  • 1% Airlicium- provides lightweight matte texture
  • 2% Soline- reduces and improves barrier function


What type of scars does it treat?

  • Healing scars as a result from an intended incision received from a surgery, or cosmetic procedure
  • Unintended scars as a result from a wound caused by a burn, scrape or cut


Advanced Sili-Gel clinical results (after 12 weeks):

  • Improves scar’s appearance by up to 29%
  • Reduces visible redness by up to 89%
  • Softens and smoothes scars by 23%
  • Reduces the intensity of discoloration by 33%