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Get that Hollywood Glow with Laser Genesis!

Get that Hollywood Glow with Laser Genesis! - The Body Clinic Day Spa
Hello Everyone, 
Today, I wanted to focus on my favourite new machine - Laser Genesis. I have a lot clients asking me how they can achieve that effortless glow that all the celebrities have and this laser technology is the perfect option! 
Kendall Jenner, who has openly dealt with acne scars, is one of the most high profile people to use this Laser Genesis technology, which is alot said since she has access to the best treatments in the world! 
Let me explain why... 
Well, Laser Genesis is a non-invasive, alblative treatment which basically means there is no injury to the top of the skin (no peeling). The laser gently delivers heat to the deepest layers of skin to regenerate collagen, which in return will leave you with happy, glowy skin! 
What Does Laser Genesis feel like?
Clients will often describe this treatment as very relaxing; almost like a hot stone massage for the face. You will feel a gentle, warm sensation during the treatment as the laser handpiece is being moved back and forth about 3 centimetres away from your face. No numbing is required for this laser at all!
How Many Treatments will You Need?
For most clients, Laser Genesis requires 4 to 6 treatments to achieve the absolute best results. The more treatments the better results. Every client is different, so it is important to discuss your goals and treatment options at the beginning of confidential consultations. 
How About Side Effects? 
Most of our clients will return to their daily activities right away! Some individuals will experience some slight redness which usually goes away after few hours. At our clinic, we offer a free test patch at your consolation just to make sure this is the perfect laser for you. 
What Should I Expect? 
After recieving Laser Genesis, you will notice a reduction in active acne, ance scars, a healthier complexion, smaller pores, and an even skin tone and texture - the list goes on! This laser will activate collagen production to smoothe fine lines and wrinkles, and minimizes redness in the skin dramatically. 
So, if you are afraid of adding Laser Genesis to your treatment regimen because you are afraid of peeling or any pain then you do not have to worry! This go-to celebrity treatment willl leave you feeling more confident and glowy then ever. 
Check out our instagram for some informative content about Laser Genesis!

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