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Physical Eye UV Defense SPF 50

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+Delivering a new standard in eye care, this ophthalmologist-tested sunscreen defends, enhances, and optimizes the entire eye area, including the eyelid.

+Formulated specifically for the unique structure of the thinner and more sensitive skin around the eye, Physical Eye UV Defense provides broad-spectrum SPF 50 protection without migrating into and irritating the eyes.

+A unifying tint enhances skin tone, creating a smooth, optimal canvas for makeup application.


+100% mineral base, broad-spectrum UVA/UVB protection.

+Non-migrating formula prevents irritation of the eye.

+Sheer, a universal tint suitable for all skin types, unifies natural skin tone around the eye.

+Proven safe for use from the brow bone to the cheekbone, even on the eyelid.

+Nourishes thin, delicate skin around the eye.