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Gua Sha Facial Massage Tool Benefits and Techniques to Face Yoga

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Over a year ago, I fell in love with the art of Gua Sha. Ever since then, I have continuously educated myself and practiced Gua Sha. It has been a staple in my everyday self-care routine.

Where did Gua Sha Facial Tool Orginate?

The term Gua Sha itself is defined in two parts: ‘gua’ for scraping; ‘sha’ for redness of skin. It may also be called skin scraping, spooning, or coining. 

In Chinese medicine, gua sha is an ancient technique that can be used to relieve acute or chronic musculoskeletal pain, improve circulation and reduce inflammation, support the immune system and address upper respiratory illnesses, and release tension in areas where there is restricted movement. It can even be used for beautifying techniques like de-puffing and lifting skin. Western sports medicine therapists have adopted Gua Sha with their own scraping version. 

How to use Gua Sha?

How often to Gua Sha?

First, we must discuss when we should Gua Sha. I usually complete my Gua Sha routine at night with my evening skincare routine. I use my Gua Sha stone every night, but if you are just beginning I would recommend starting off 2 to 3 times a week. Think about it like working out. Start off slow and then build up your strength up and add in more sessions. 

How to start Gua Sha Routine?

When I am about to begin my Gua Sha routine, I always start by drinking a large glass of water, as it will allow for the lymph to drain easier. If you hydrate your body it will allow for fluids to move through the lymphatic capillaries easier are more smoothly. 

Before, I start my Gua Sha I like to create a sensual environment by playing some calming music or my current favourite podcast. Doing this allows my body to enter a more relaxed state and enjoy my Gua Sha experience. We want to be in-tune with our bodies and mind to allow for the Gua Sha to provide its maximum healing capabilities. 

How to use a Facial Oil with Gua Sha?

I take my favourite facial oil which happens to be the Best Ever Skin Seabuckthorn Oil by Living Libations, and apply a coin sized amount into my palm, and gently apply it on to my face, neck, and décolleté. We always need to apply a facial oil as using Gua Sha on dry skin will cause a tugging effect which is not what we want to achieve from Gua Sha. The point of Gua Sha if gently slide the stone effortlessly over the skin and not apply too much pressure. This is why oil is essential. 

Gua Sha Massage Techniques

We always begin our Gua Sha routine from our neck up. Take the Jade stone and start at the base of the back of your neck. Use the deep grooves and glide the stone up in sets of ten. Repeat this all around the neck. Continue to your shoulders and décolleté. Glide the stone done your collar bone and to your shoulder to release tension and drain that lymph away. I always complete all my movements in sets of 10 (just like an actual workout).

After you finish with your neck and décolleté, begin to work your way up to your jaw line. Start at your chin and take the stone deep grooved side and move it along your jaw line, towards your ear. Repeat ten times and then move towards the other side. 

For a complete tutorial check out my Gua Sha Routine on Youtube: 

I have created a full Gua Sha routine on youtube which has calming music so you can watch and follow along with me!

How to Use Gua Sha Nephrite Stone for Glowing Skin: 

After Steps of Your Gua Sha Routine

After I finish my routine, I clean my stone off with soap and put it away. I always  use my Gua Sha after cleansing, so too remove the face oil I use my toner and then go on to finish the rest on my skin care routine.  I would also recommend starting with the Gua Sha and then immediately cleansing after your finish the massage. Any process will work. You just have to figure out what works for you.  All in all, I will forever rave about with magical stone. Not only does it bring actual benefits, but it allows me to spend an extra 5-10 mins a day on myself and reflect on my thoughts and feelings. 

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