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Zippity DewDab

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Spot Treatment

Clarify complexions with this brilliant blend that cleanses acne and diminishes the appearance of blemishes and stubborn zits that just won’t quit! Purify pores to transform into balanced skin. This perfectly potent spot cleanser zaps zits in a zip! 5ml. 


Dab a drop directly on acne and blemishes to cleanse. May also be added to a Best Skin Ever, Soothsayer, Ensorcell or All-Season Serums to further tone skin

Organic Ingredients:

  • Niaouli - Melaleuca quinquenervia viridiflora
  • Carrot Seed - Daucus carota
  • Immortelle - Helichrysum italicum
  • Rosemary - Rosmarinus verbenone
  • Blue Tansy - Tanacetum annum
  • Sweet Thyme - Thymus linalool